How do I access SwiftComply?

SwiftComply is for kitchens, service providers, and cities. For easy compliance, login and see how we can help! More information here:


Kitchens are welcome to join SwiftComply worldwide to store compliance documents on Kitchen. We partner with regulators and service providers in certain areas to submit these documents online, or to book grease removal services online. Email to find out if we're in your city!

Service Providers

We invite qualified service providers to join our platform! You can navigate to the Service Provider section to create a user account. Once you’ve done that, you must submit documents to be vetted. These may include driver's license, proof of insurance, safety measures, etc. Please email to find out if we're in your city!


We’re partnering with innovative cities to make regulation easy for the hospitality industry!

If you’re not already a partner, please email

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