How to Upload a Document

After logging into SwiftComply, select the Kitchen for which you would like to upload a document. This will bring you to your Kitchen details screen, and from there click the blue ‘Upload doc’ button. The following form will appear:Confirm the Kitchen and grease trap selected are correct, or click the down-arrow to select other options. 

If you don’t see the kitchen or grease trap you would like to submit a document for, select ‘Add another kitchen’ or ‘Add a grease trap’. 

Enter details about your grease trap service:
- Type in the name of the service provider that performed the work
- Enter/Select the date of service
- Upload the Manifest, select ‘Choose File’.
Once the file is uploaded, the file name will appear next ‘Choose File’.

*Accepted files include jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx. 

You can also use a smartphone and ‘Choose File’ will automatically allow you to select a photo to upload.

- Type in the volume of waste pumped if you have the information (this is optional). 
- Keep the ‘Share with regulator’ box checked if you would like this to be sent to your FOG manager.
- Select upload document

You will receive a confirmation message once the upload is complete. 

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