How do I view jobs?

Proposed, accepted, and in progress jobs can be viewed from your kitchen details. Access this by logging in and selecting a kitchen. To view all jobs, select ‘View all’ in the corner of this box. Alternatively, click on the ‘Jobs’ link in the top right navigation menu;

This will bring you to the job listing page, where you can view all of your jobs;

If you have a lot of jobs, only 25 will be shown on one page. However, you are able to click forward and backwards through the pages available using the links beneath the jobs.

Sort Jobs

To sort the jobs listed on the screen, you can use the sorting selection box highlighted in the image above. You can sort by the date that the Job is due to happen, in either ascending or descending order.

Filter Jobs

You can also filter the jobs on the screen by using the filter drop down selection boxes. Filtering will restrict the results to just those that match your filter, eg. if you select a Status of ‘proposed’ you will only see proposed jobs.

  • Status - allows you to filter by the state of the Job, ie. proposed, accepted, rejected, completed, cancelled, or closed.
  • Kitchen - you can also filter by kitchen in order to only view jobs for a particular business.

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