How do I book a job?

To book a job, click on the kitchen you would like to schedule a service for to navigate to the Kitchen details page. Then click on the green ‘Book job’ button. You must have added a grease trap to your Kitchen first, otherwise you will not be able to book a

Confirm the correct grease traps and kitchens are selected. If they are not, click the black downward facing arrow to select.

Choose your preferred date of service by clicking the black down arrow next to the date selector.

Select your preferred time of service - Please note this is the beginning of a service window.

Select the product that best matched your grease trap to be serviced. This is based on two items:
- Where your grease trap is located. Inside vs. Outside
- The capacity/size of grease trap in gallonsChoose from the list of available service providers and the estimated price for service will appear below. Finally, select your Card Details and click on the ‘Book Service’ button. If you don’t have any cards or bank accounts already stored, then you will need to enter credit or debit card details in order to book.

If you do have card or bank details, then you will see the following instead. If you have multiple cards or bank accounts stored you can choose whichever one you like. Alternatively you have the option to add a new card which will present you with the interface in the section above.

Note: no charge will be made until after the service has been completed.

You will be directed to the screen below confirming a service request and will also receive a confirmation email.

Be aware that now your Job has only been proposed to the Service Provider. The job is not confirmed until the service provider accepts it. You will receive an email notification when this happens. 

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